Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is an Empty Bucket?

I have been thinking since we still refer to ourselves as Empty Buckets, there is still more of the story to share.

I guess, when a group of people have a name for themselves and gather together often and do things together often, having a name is helpful to be mindful of purpose.

This is only my personal version of how to tell you what Empty Buckets are and what has gone on and how you can be an Empty Bucket on your own too.

We are just a group of friends trying to be faithful to God's calling on our lives. We have felt that God has placed on our hearts to not just keep all our talents, treasures and time, to our selves, but to share the gospel with our lives by loving well.

Just in case you were wondering, we don't all go to the same church, and as far as group time and Bible study goes, we actually like that. We are all huge fans of seeing God move through all of the little C's. And when they can come together to be used for God's glory, it is the most beautiful thing to be apart of. It is so sad to me the divisiveness that goes on in the church today. As far as I can tell there is no race to the top and no great eternal award for putting down other churches.

Being an Empty Bucket to me is.....
Being a Christian friend who acknowledges that all they have is from Christ alone. Without God's gracious hand on our lives we would be empty and hurting and alone. With all of God's blessings on our lives our buckets are filled with love and joy and peace and so many blessings that God allows our hearts to overflow so he can use us to fill others, and then they can in turn fill others.
I'm pretty sure only limited good can come from a bucket full of stagnant water. So we try and pour out the love of Christ in any way we can, financially, with our time, even in the form of encouragement. I don't know of anyone who is perfect, but having the term empty bucket on my brain helps me to remember that my life is filled with love on purpose and for a purpose, not for my own good, but to further the love and hope that the gospel brings.

pass it on, dump your bucket, seek the Lord and he will be faithful to fill it up again.  EB

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