Monday, July 19, 2010

"Tell me again the story about why it was a good idea to move in with Uncle Darryl and Aunt Vicki!?" Jack asked. I start with that because, well first of all most things I talk about seem to be about Jack, because he is such a large part of my life, and I spend most of my time with him.

The other reason is because it is of course a good question, and one that he and others ask quite often. In short, the answer is because we feel we have been led or "challenged" to try living life a little differently. Feeling that God has more for us to do and that this is one way to be more open to letting that happen.

Over the past few years we have been "challenged" through life groups, Bible studies and life events or opportunities to start to try and simplify our lives. It just has felt like God has totally had his hand on us through the whole process. I truly think it is a gift of sorts, that we think this is a great idea.

Simplifying has come in the form of less things, and less space. We feel that if we can be a little more interdependent we can live fuller lives. Spending more time, energy and money on the things that are truly important to us. Spending less time and money on things that to us seem wasteful, or silly to have just to have. Also, living interdependently, we hope to ease each others burdens a little, burdens that just weigh us down and distract us from the best that God has for us. Also then pouring the same into others, so they can do the same. That's where the Empty Buckets idea comes from. That can be explained more, but not tonight. :)

It is AMAZING to us how God has used this move so far to bless a few other families already. With just our extras! We were able to share a dryer with a friend who's own dryer did work but sounded like it had a basket ball in it. Then the first night we were here, we were sitting in the living room trying to figure out what to do with the extra couch and love seat that we had, and the phone rang. It was Vicki and Darryl's son. He was calling to see if some friends of his could possibly have them because they were currently renting furniture and they couldn't afford it anymore and were going to be returning it soon. I hear the family was very excited to have our extras. :) We were so happy to be able to love them and share a little with them.

Also my friend called me one day before our garage sale and asked if I had any baby things I could donate to a girl she was having a surprise love baby shower for. I didn't think i had anything but as i was telling her no, things just kept coming into my mind. I had a stroller and a bedding set and a credit for a new crib. Which was hilarious how that worked out too. I was going to sell my sons crib just for some extra money, i thought. Then i found out it was recalled, so i sent in for a voucher for a replacement one. Then friends of ours got pregnant so i felt like i should pass it on to them. Well, they didn't feel like they should take it. They wanted us to just sell it or give it to someone who would truly need it. So when I got the phone call about the shower, i knew i was supposed to give it to her. It was so exciting to be able to be apart of , and to feel like I had caught a tiny glimps of a plan that God had his hand on the whole time.

I guess that 's all for right this second. I'm sure I'll think of more. It's late and I still have to wake up the little guy from a very long late nap. The good news is that the two dogs have had some crazy barking fits tonight in the living room,where Jack is sleeping and it hasn't bothered him one bit. The bad news is the dogs and everyone else will be off to bed soon and Jack and I will not.

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  1. I love how God is moving in your family and how you are allowing him. It is amazing to see how much God is using all of your extras. Praise be to God!