Friday, July 16, 2010

Empty Buckets

Empty Buckets

Once upon a time.... my three year old son Jack says every story should start with "once upon a time"... so

Once upon a time there were seven people, two dogs and four cats. We're on a little adventure. The past few years of friends, Bible studys, and many long nights of talking dreaming and only a few months of planning have led us here.

Empty Buckets is what we are calling it. It's one of those things we talk and talk about and finally felt like God has put us in the position to finally try. "Poop or get off the pot" kind of thing. My husband and I and our son and our two cats moved in 4th of July weekend. We moved in with some friends of ours and there two young adult children and their two dogs and two cats.

We had some friends over tonight for life group and decided we really should start writing some of this stuff down. I have a really bad memory and I don't know where this is leading or what God has planned for us but I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth remembering.

Please excuse me if I am doing this all wrong. I have never done a blog before and don't pretend to be a good writer.
It's late and I'm tired just wanted to see if I could get started on this.

more to come!!!

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  1. you can't blog wrong... that's the beauty of it, your heart on paper (well computer screen), can't go wrong!